Optimizing CNC Steps “Axis Calibration”

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Since Mach4 has come out, There has been some features that I really miss in Mach3 and one of those the “Axis Calibration”, It was a cool little Module that enabled you to enter in a set distance to travel and then type in actual distance traveled based on user measurement, But since that is now gone in Mach4 I have taken it on myself to make my own version which can be found in the following link along with a video on how to make sure you get the full potential out of your machine and get the correct steps.

Steps Calculator

Chinese Misting System Review

Ive seen these Chinese misting units for some time now and have always wondered how good they truly were, So I took the plunge and purchased one to see how it goes, The first initial inspection was good, The build quality of the unit is nice and it also performs quite well, I guess the true test will be when I start milling materials.
Stay Tuned

TM25v Electronics & Enclosures Part 3

Part 3

TM25v Electronics & Enclosures Part 2

Part 2

TM25v Electronics & Enclosures Part 1

Sorting out an electronics enclosure can sometimes be abit of a task, I hope this helps in sorting a few of the challenges out

TM25V Ballscrews, Motors and More

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My order of motors and ballscrews came in,

Titan TM25v Measuring for ballscrews

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I have had some people ask me how i measure up for my ballscrews so i thought i would sdo a video.

So Here are the measrments i came up with

Z Axis = 520mm + FK15 + 25mm For coupler & No float end
Y Axis = 300mm + FK12 + 25mm for coupler & No float end
X Axis = 25mm coupler + FK12 + 673mm + FK12 + 25mm Coupler


Titan TM25v CAD Design XYZ and Enclosure

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I have been measuring and drawing up the parts to suit the Titan TM25v mill, Here is just an overview of what i have drawn up

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